Thursday, February 19, 2009

Draft 2 - complete!

Finished the revised draft of my mystery novel Undertow, and it's now ready for distribution to the Constant Reader Brigade for feedback and comments.

I feel good about this one. I really enjoyed working with a first-person narration, which was new to me. The intimacy of that POV is nice, though I miss the chance to jump into other characters' heads. But first-person suited that particular story best. Third-person would not have worked nearly as well. 

First-person is ideal for mysteries because the reader finds things out as the narrator does, and it can prevent the reader from seeing things the narrator doesn't and then wondering why the narrator doesn't know that Character X is a red herring and Character Y is the murderer and how can the narrator be such a doofus, anyway?

In other writing news, I'm up to 51,000 words in the work in progress (don't worry, I'll think of a title). 

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