Monday, October 18, 2010

Fun at the Weekend of Horror

Well, I finally made it out of the house for something besides (a) work, (b) doctor appointment, or (c) grocery store, because I went to the Weekend of Horror con.

This was a fun time, not just because I got to get over my mild case of cabin fever, but because I got to meet up with my buddy (and fellow Horrorview reviewer) AJ. We met up with my other buddies, Erik and Gerry, and had a good time.

Highlights included fun panels with FX maestro Greg Nicotero (talking about his work on the upcoming series The Walking Dead) and veteran actor Sid Haig. But the undoubted highlight was a photo op and panel with that paragon of big-chinned awesomeness, Bruce Campbell! (During our photo op he said I was "lovely"! I'm still in fangirl bliss over that!)

I also got to meet "drive-in reviewer" Joe Bob Briggs, whose reviews I've been reading for years and who has always been a great inspiration in my own movie and book reviews. He signed my copy of Joe Bob Goes Back to the Drive-In and I bought a DVD of The Incredibly Strange Creatures Who Stopped Living and Became Mixed-up Zombies with his commentary. Visit Mr. Briggs' website to learn more about him.

All this and dinner at the Daily Grill with AJ, Erik, and Gerry. Good times!

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