Sunday, September 18, 2011

Writing craft: Writers will get this, no one else will

I have a mental list of phrases and overheard things that I plan on using in books. It always pleases me inordinately, because some of these things have been in my head for decades before I got to use them (i.e., "He thinks he's such a socialist, but he buys Twinkies at the grocery store just like everybody else." in The Day After Yesterday).

I'm in the planning stages on a new book (the "Eskimo Sally and the haunted bed-and-breakfast" book for you Constant Readers) and finally have a chance to use the line "I just lit some white sage over that bad boy and prayed to the grandfathers of the earth. That cleared it up." And the phrase, "Shut your pie-hole" which has always made me giggle, I can't explain it.


  1. "Oh, for crying in the cerveca." Only one I knew from a little kid (and I wasn't even Mexican!). Weird, and I had no idea why anyone would want to cry in ANYTHING.

  2. I like that one. I'm adding it to the list. Thanks!

  3. By the way, I think "Eskimo Sally and the Haunted Bed-and-Breakfast" should be the actual title. If I saw that on the book racks, I would by the sh!t out of it on that title alone.