Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Ashes publication pushed to Spring 2013

Can't recall if I'd mentioned it here, but my original plan was to publish Ashes, the first in my two-part suspense series, this fall.

However, the edits have taken a bit longer than I'd planned, so rather than rush things into production for the Christmas buying season, I am going to be prudent and target release for the spring. Most likely March, but an exact date is still to be determined.

Delay aside, I am very much looking forward to publishing Ashes. Together with its sequel Reckoning,  it's probably the story with the most satisfying story and character arcs of all my fiction. Ashes focuses on two characters: Jennifer Thomson, an admin in a government building who survives an Oklahoma City-type terrorist attack and tries to rebuild her life; and Sean Kincaid, a retired black ops agent who goes rogue to find the people behind the attack.

More details about publication to come. Thanks for your patience!

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