Sunday, March 22, 2015

Kelly's Big Score: V is for Vintage Edition

Well, today I went to the Los Angeles Vintage Paperback Collectors Show, and I may have bought a few too many books. I know you're all shocked at this turn of events.

I found some excellent treasures as well as some interesting oddities. Probably my biggest coup was finding ten (count 'em, TEN) more books in Donald Hamilton's Matt Helm series. This excellent spy series is out of print and books can be fairly difficult to find, so I'm particularly pleased.

The total haul consists of:

Donald Hamilton - The Terminators, The Detanators, The Menacers, The Intriguers, The Betrayers, The Poisoners, The Shadowers, The Devastators, The Ravagers, The Ambushers, Assassins Have Starry Eyes, Murder Twice Told, Line of Fire

Fredric Brown - The Screaming Mimi

Harlan Ellison - Paingod, Ellison Wonderland

Jeffrey Konvitz - The Sentinel

William Goldman - The Temple of Gold, No Way to Treat a Lady

Cornel Woolrich - The Bride Wore Black

Hugh Zachary - Gwen In Green

Gimone Hall - Witch's Suckling

Chelsea Quinn Yarbro - Dead and Buried

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