Saturday, January 3, 2009

Happy 2009

Hope everyone had a safe and pleasant New Year's.

I've never been keen on New Year's Eve - I'm not much of a partier and less of a drinker. This last New Year's I was in bed by 10:30 and the most excitement of the evening was me doing a coffee spit-take while watching Mystery Science Theater 3000 take on Parts: The Clonus Horror. Wheee. 

Personally I'd like to abolish New Year's altogether and reinstate the 12 days of Christmas - nothing but feasting and presents from Christmas Day until Epiphany. It's not like any of us get anything done during that time anyway. 

But as it stands, New Year's really is just a signal to us that the holiday time is over. So let me assess what the New Year holiday means to me.

Return to day job: Ugh.

Return to eating sensibly: Bleagh.

Get back on the exercycle: Meh. (I'm actually OK with this, seeing as how I was getting results shortly before Thanksgiving, but said results are gone now thanks to the holidays AKA the month of slothfulness and gluttony.)

Get back to regular writing schedule: YES YES YES!! Now this I like. And I'm very proud that I'm 27,000 words into the project I wasn't even due to start until after the holidays. My muse cracks a whip, she does.

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