Sunday, April 5, 2009

Word count odometer, and using things I've overheard

Last night the word count odometer on the work in progress rolled over to 70,000 words!  Yes! Progress! It's been a slow few weeks so this was particularly delightful. 

The weekend's writing was also noteworthy for another reason. I keep a mental filing cabinet of interesting or wacky things I've overheard people (primarily but not limited to friends and family) say.  Few things make me happier than using one of these lines, and it's especially fun when a friend recognizes the dialogue in question (i.e., the line "Women. Bitches. All of them!" in my book Reckoning). 

Anyway, one of these overheards has been in my head since college, and I finally found a situation and character to say it. 

So I celebrated all this with a Reese's peanut butter egg. (My guilty pleasure every Easter.)

The overheard line, by the way, is: "Yeah, he thinks he's such a socialist, but he buys Twinkies at the grocery store just like everyone else." (Originally spoken by a fellow student, referring to our Poli Sci professor.)

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