Saturday, July 14, 2012

Comic-Con 2012 Day 3: Phantom of the Comic-Con

Day 3 of the con dawned way too bright and early, as we got up at 5, hoping to get into the Hall H line by 6 so we could catch the Django Unchained panel. We met up with Mary and Jeremy and began the long wait.

Jeremy, Karen, me, and Mary have fun while waiting for Hall H.

I admit I was pretty pessimistic at the start, as the line wound down and around and out to the marina. However, around 8 a.m. the line was "compressed" as people who'd been lined up in ones-and-twos were herded into a more orderly fashion. This brought us all the way up to the grassy tented area where we waited some more. We ended up getting into the panel with room to spare (much nicer than the awful suspense of the previous day's line!).

The Django Unchained panel featured Quentin Tarantino of course, who was his usual nerdy, spazzy, babbling self. He was joined by cast members Jamie Foxx, Don Johnson, Walter Goggins, Christoph Waltz (sigh), and Kerry Washington. An 8-minute "sizzle reel" with clips that have not been seen in any of the trailers was shown to much enthusiastic applause, and Tarantino revealed that there's just one week of shooting left. The cast was close-mouthed about much of the plot and characterization, which suits me fine, as I want the movie to be a nice gift for me this Christmas.

Quentin Tarantino at the Django Unchained panel.

Christoph Waltz at the Django Unchained panel.

Don Johnson, saying his Django Unchained accent was based on Foghorn Leghorn.

Kerry Washington at the Django Unchained panel.

After the panel we said goodbye to Mary and Jeremy, who were staying in Hall H for the day. Karen went to join some other friends, and I headed over to the Django Unchained promotion area to score a free poster. Then I grabbed some lunch, and went to the hotel to change into my much-improved (thanks to a new cape) Phantom of the Paradise costume.

The Phantom of the Paradise visits San Diego.

Cosplaying the Phantom of the Paradise is a bit like self-publishing my book. There isn't a huge amount of recognition, but what I did get was very appreciative. One man dressed as Captain Hammer got his picture taken with me and told me it was the highlight of his day. Those who appreciate my costume seem to be 75% middle-aged men, 25% goth chicks.

While still garbed as the Phantom I went to the autograph area. Sandahl Bergman, who appeared in All That Jazz and Conan the Barbarian, both awesome movies, was signing. (I will tactfully ignore her less-than-stellar turn in Red Sonja). Sandahl looks fantastic and was very outgoing and sweet, spending lots of time with each person and not minding my weird appearance. I got a still from All That Jazz signed by her, and another still signed for my friend Gerry, who couldn't make it to con this year.

After that I met up with Karen and friends JJ, John, Alan, and Kent. We hung out for a bit, then I went to make one last round of parading around in my costume before heading back to the hotel for a much-needed shower (the costume makes you sweat buckets). Then Karen, JJ, John and I had dinner (some rather mediocre Mexican) and then it was back to the hotel for some packing, planning, and our last night at the Westgate.

Tomorrow: Oh Captain, my Captain


  1. Please oh please make it to NYcomicon with that costume!

  2. Much as I would love to attend NY comic-con, I won't be able to. Glad you liked the costume!