Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Comic-Con 2013 Day 0: Nerds In Spaaaaaaace!

Every phase of our journey down to San Diego was uneventful: cab to the Metrolink station, Gold Line to Union Station, Amtrak to San Diego. Unfortunately a cabbie we asked about a ride to our hotel misunderstood us (he thought we were looking for 701 West A Street when we really wanted 701 East A Street) so we ended up walking to our hotel. Not so bad except it's up on top of this hill and it's a bit warm down here in San Diego. This may end up affecting my decision to cosplay later this week (my Phantom of the Paradise costume is many things, but cool and well-ventilated is not one of them).

We got settled into the Sheraton Symphony Hall, where we have a room looking out at an office building. But there is an indoor pool and spa that I'm sure we'll be taking advantage of at some point. In the lobby Karen saw "Mohawk Guy" from the Mars Curiosity team at NASA (he's here for a Nerd HQ panel).

The view from our hotel room 

Inside our hotel room. It's nice and spacious. 

The indoor pool at our hotel. Might go for a dip tonight. 

The indoor spa at our hotel. We will definitely be taking advantage of this!

We made the obligatory trip to Ralph's to get snacks and stuff for breakfast and lunch (we bring stuff along for those meals, particularly if we'll be camping out for a panel, and then go out for a big dinner). On the way back we stopped at The Counter and had burgers - we've found it's best to eat dinner at times that are a bit off the usual, as it really helps battle the crowds.

No Preview Night for us, so we're just kicking back and going over our schedule. Tomorrow we have to check in and get our badges, then I'm hoping to make it to a signing and do a lot of shopping on the exhibitor floor, and then maybe after dinner catch a showing of Dr. Horrible's Sing-Along Blog.

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