Friday, July 22, 2011

Comic-Con 2011 Day 2: I Thought It Was a Costume Ball!

I've been going to Comic-Con since 2008, but I've never dressed up in costume. But now that I've finally assembled my Phantom of the Paradise outfit, I decided this year would be the year.

Started off the morning in normal clothes, however, as I had a signing ticket for George R. R. Martin to acquire, an event to check in for (more on that tomorrow), and an errand to run. But once all that was done I assembled my complete ensemble.

Yours truly as the Phantom of the Paradise.

Special thanks to my friend Jeremy for telling me about the mask when one became available on eBay. Without this, the costume would not have been possible.

I tried to shop while wearing the outfit but soon found this was impossible. Awesome as that mask looks, it has very poor visibility. So I settled for strolling around, doing the "see and be seen" thing. The movie of Phantom of the Paradise is over 3 decades old and rather obscure, so it was gratifying that I got at least 30, probably closer to 40 people asking to take my picture. I even was photographed when I was taking a break and having a tall nonfat latte! One guy actually bowed down and worshiped me! The reactions from people were lots of fun and the whole thing gave me a fresh perspective on the con.

The Phantom gives Jeremy what for.

Whilst still in costume I saw George R. R. Martin and he signed my copy of A Game of Thrones, and I thanked him for his wonderful books. Then after visiting my friends Mary and Jeremy, I went to the hotel to strip off costume. In addition to the mask it included vinyl pants, so I was very sweaty and very thankful to get all that off. No one said nerditry was comfortable.

Torgo and The Master outside the Rifftrax panel.

After a shower and a change into regular clothes, I went into the con to see if I could get into the Rifftrax panel. I did, if only for the last 15 minutes, but what I saw was amusing. (And when we went back to the hotel, I bumped into Rifftrax fellows Michael J. Nelson, Bill Corbett, and Kevin Murphy, and got to shake their hands. They've given me lots of entertainment over the years so it was a thrill to be able to do that.

The Ghostbusters car makes an appearance.

We met up with friends La Tisha and Craig for dinner, then Erik and I took a much-needed soak in the hot tub.

Tomorrow: shopping!

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  1. Hi fellow con-goer! Thanks for snapping a pic of my husband and me (yours truly in the mustache as the Master). Any chance you wouldn't mind sharing a larger version of the photo? We didn't get a whole lot of shots of us in out Manos getups. Thanks!

    Also, Phantom of the Paradise? Awesome costume idea.