Saturday, July 23, 2011

Comic-Con 2011 Day 3: I Am A Consumer Whore!

Slept in this morning and then skipped over to the con's vendor room to do a bit of shopping.

The vendor floor is a lot of fun, if a bit claustrophobic over in the big media sections. I have no interest in figures and other knicknacks, so I stuck mostly over to the comics/books section and at the "artist's alley". I ended up purchasing:

  • A t-shirt for Scott (the NASA logo redone as TARDIS for Doctor Who)
  • Several Star Wars action figures and a comic book for Alex
  • A couple of books for me: a Harlan Ellison story collection and the humor book All My Friends Are Dead (signed by the writers)
  • A many-sided dice necklace (sue me, it was cute)
  • A print from Last Kiss Comics (it says "More caffeine! I've got lives to run!")
  • An original Shock SuspenStories from the 1950s. It's a little tattered, as well it should be, but the Shock comics are my favorites of EC's lineup and now that Gemstone Publishing seems to have discontinued its EC reprints, I couldn't pass this up.

And the day wasn't over yet! I grabbed some lunch from Starbucks and then headed over to Joltin' Joe's on 4th street for one of the events being put on by Nerd Machine. The event in question was "A Conversation with Nathan Fillion" so you can imagine how thrilled I was to see that my seat for the event was essentially front row center. Yes, I was just about 10 feet from Mr. Fillion. Sigh.

Where was I? Anyway, after an intro by Zachary Levi, who set up the Nerd Machine events, Nathan Fillion came on, and then welcomed his fellow Firefly cast members Adam Baldwin and Jewel Staite. For an hour the three of them took questions and joked with us and each other. It was a very fun time, one of the highlights of this year's con.

Left to right: Adam Baldwin, Jewel Staite, Nathan Fillion

After I wandered back to the hotel in something of a daze, I finally picked up my swag from the Game of Thrones panel - impressive! A bag containing a Targaryen t-shirt, a copy of Game of Thrones (which I gave to Gerry in hopes he'll get hooked on the series), and a mouse pad with a map of Westeros. After that, I took a break and jumped in the pool. Then we met Erik and Gerry's friends Scott and Debbie for dinner. The appetizers were great (especially the lobster potstickers and the coconut shrimp) as was the dark chocolate lava cake dessert; I was less enthused about the entree (mahi mahi) but overall a fine dinner.

And now, I confess that because I'm at the end of the blog entry, I have to finish packing. Waaaah. But I need to do it, because the last day of the con will be a busy one. No update until Monday, as I'll have Boswell the Laptop packed away for the train trip home.

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